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DIMSSA'S Products and Features

Dairy Management System (DMS)

The DIMSSA DMS program is unique. Data conversions are available for some of the existing DOS-based and Windows programs. Information on milk recording, animal performance, conformation, history, health and sales (including culls), will also emanate from DIMSSA. This will benefit the farmer in particular and the industry in general.

Features of the DIMSSA DMS System

  • Some of the Dairymaster analysis functions have been incorporated into the system.
  • Breeders can set their own parameters as to how they wish to operate their herds.
  • An analysis of the performance and inseminators/heat spotters.
  • Milk forecasts can be planned for budgeting purposes using an individual cow's lactation curves and herd figures.         
  • The accuracy of these forecasts will depend entirely on the accuracy of the farmers' records.
  • Updated records can be batched, which simplifies daily record-keeping.
  • Academic institutions can gain access to the database and use it for research.
  • For security purposes, there will always be a backup of the user's valuable herd information in another locality, should it be a requirement by the user.

Operating the DIMSSA DMS System

  • The DIMSSA DMS prides itself on its user-friendliness. The software program can operate at whatever level the breeder wishes.
  • The system can be set up in such a way that while the farm manager has access to all aspects of data capture, the stockman may be given limited capture access, which minimises the risk of data corruption and the risk of data being wrongly entered.
  • Most importantly, the DIMSSA DMS is much more than merely a computer software program; it is a system that renders, in fact, a bureau service, also to those people who often do not have time to enter data from scratch or even those who do not have access to a computer.

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