If you can't measure it, you can't manage it!

Welcome to DIMSSA

Our mission is to be the Global Leader in Agricultural Information.

DIMSSA (Digital Information and Management Systems South Africa (Ltd)) is a private company that was established by SA Holstein. Developing a Windows-based dairy database, management and analysis programme, DIMSSA made available to the farming industry a powerful tool in day-to-day herd management. The program is developed according to ISO standards, and can communicate with any third party software according to ISO 11787 standards.

DIMSSA software program is developed by experts, perfected by users and supported by innovators. The information made available this way, can be used by farmers, the Artificial Insemination (AI) industry, the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), breed societies, the veterinary industry, feed industry, bankers and the Milk Producers Organisation (MPO).

DIMSSA information technology supply the instruments needed by farmers and their consultants to make important managerial decisions on the farm on a daily basis.

The farmer needs to monitor several aspects in his enterprise. No herd can achieve maximum profit without excellent management. In this regard DIMSSA's program is filling a big void in the industry.